Facility Use Guidelines

Please read the Facility Use Guidelines before starting the Request From below.

1. Please check the calendar to see if your desired date is available. (Calendar is on the right on desktop & Calendar is below on mobile devices)

2. The church will not cancel any major planned events (weddings, conferences, workshops, etc...) to accommodate.

3. Day3Church can accommodate up to 200 people. No exceptions.

4. Weekdays are very flexible with the exception of Wednesdays.

5. Saturday is available for a limited amount of time; all events of the day must be done, and cleared from the building by 5pm.

6. Any special request must be detailed on the Facility Use Request and submitted 48 hours before the event.

7. If anything is broken or damaged it is quickly reported.


An active church member attending, participating and supporting Day3Church regularly. Has not been absent from church for reasons unknown to the Pastor or staff for no more than 3 months.

1. We do not charge active members of Day3Church to use the facilities.

2. It is requested that you tip cleaning person $100 and gym sweeper/mopper $50.
- If set up requires church staff to come in on Saturday, set up cost is $20 per hour.)

3. This is your facility that God has provided, it should be treated as such!

Non-Church Members:

1. All policies apply to non-Church Members.

2. Use of the gym will cost $100 per hour. There is a $150.00 nonrefundable deposit at time of booking.

3. Use of the Bounce House and Slides is an additional $100 per hour.

4. Use of the Kitchen and combination of any other room will be $200 per hour.

5. If staff is required it will cost $20 per hour per staff member.

6. Use of tables and chairs will be at a cost of $1 a chair per hour and $5 dollar per hour a table.

Below are the dates the church is booked

Facility Use Request Form

Please fill out the form carefully for application - Reservation is not confirmed until you receive notice from the church.