IMG_0606Our Family

Leah and I have been married for almost ten years and have a beautiful four year old son named Brady. Leah and Brady are the greatest gifts in my life next to the gift of salvation. We are both relationship oriented and love to live life with those around us. Having the opportunity to disciple and develop others to love Christ and utilize their gifts is something we both consider exciting and gifted to do. We strive to live open lives that reflect Christ, and the importance of a relationship with Him. We believe ministry done correctly is ministry done as a family.

My Mission

To utilize the gifts God has provided me as a transformational leader to inspire and encourage a life change in others. I desire to create an environment in which those around me are exposed to the love and saving grace of Christ. Emphasizing the importance of a relationship with Christ to equip and release them to the calling God has in their life. I know that today people need and are looking to be a part of something bigger than themselves. God will do great works through each and everyone of His children.

Bryan’s Testimony

As the son of missionaries to the Navajo Indians, ministry and God were always major parts of my life. At the very young age of 5 I repented of my sin of unbelief and asked Christ to come into my heart. Around the age of 13 I surrendered my life to the Lord and full time ministry. I began to live my own life shortly after that and though convicted, lived very selfishly. This caused me to feel as though I had disqualified myself from the calling God laid on my heart as a young man. I slowly began searching for God and started to develop a personal relationship with Him during my sophomore year of college. It was a great joy to learn what a true relationship meant and how God could personally speak to me through a deeper reading and study of his word. In 2002, my first wife was killed in a horrific car accident and God allowed me to share my faith and testimony on so many levels. I struggled greatly with the pain of loss and will admit that my life did not always reflect Christ. God then blessed me with a beautiful wife and almost 6 years later, God blessed us with a beautiful boy. A couple years before the birth of our son, God moved us to Lynchburg, VA. This is important only for the fact that though we were a part of a large ministry in Liberty University it had been a desert for me spiritually. Seeing so many young people on a daily basis and desiring to impact their lives in great ways began to bring back promises to God and my submission to ministry. One day driving home from work I again cried out to our Father and told Him if He would open the doors, allowing me to go into full time ministry, I would go, and it would be a wonderful blessing in my life. At this point, God has opened many doors and as a family we are ready to walk through them as long as that is where He wants us. Our greatest desire and hope is to be used by Him. My two favorite verses in the Bible are John 3:16 and Philippians 1:6.

Leah’s Testimony

Growing up the daughter of the Music Minister, and granddaughter of the Pastor, it is needless to say that my entire life has been intertwined with the church in one way or the other. I was saved at a young age, as are most church-grown children. It wasn’t until I finished high school that I really started to ask myself why I believed what I believed. Was it because that is what my parents told me to believe, or just what I have been told my entire life? This started me on a journey that is still continuing today. Digging into God’s Word, studying and finding out for myself, has been so rewarding and so amazing. God has revealed so much to me, and just when I think I already know this or that, He shows me something totally new and blows me away. He has shown me that through life’s transitions, trials, even good times, He is always there, He always has a reason, and though I may not see it at the time, His way is best. He has created me to be used for Him in my lifetime. My hope is that I fulfill what He has called me to do, and that through me, glory will be brought to Him.